Yogic food

How many times have you heard that yogis can live without food? Or at least those who are very spiritually evolved like Gurus and enlightened masters?

Well, while eating habits and body’s needs definitely change when taking on spiritual practices (so as with many other practices, like sports for example), no one can survive without the food for sure.

Based on the yogic philosophy, there are three main forces (energies), which are present in our world: Rajas, Tamas, Sattvas. Each energy is the building essence of different aspects in life and represents different characteristics.

Rajas – vitality, fastness, transformation, action, fire etc.

Tamas – heaviness, steadiness, stability, darkness, slowness, lethargy etc.

Sattvas – lightness, vitality, balance, air etc.

All the food is categorized into one of these energies as

well. Preferably, yogis maintain a Sattvic diet, which is represented by the energy of Sattvas, as it gives the most benefits to one’s body and well being.

Rajasic food is usually avoided or consumed in moderation at certain times as it brings extra alertness and interferes with meditative practices, taking awareness and concentration away from the inner self.

And so is Tamasic food as it brings sluggishness and heaviness onto the body, slowing down the metabolism and all other bodily functions, which is overall not healthy.
Examples of different types of food according to these 3 energies:

Rajasic foods: garlic, onions, coffee, sugar etc.

Tamasic food: meat, bread, potatoes, flour etc.

Sattvic: fruits, vegetables, salads, grains etc.

Note: some of the foods relate to the few of these energies at the same time.

The more spiritual practices one takes, the more active one becomes, the lighter one feels in the body and the more peaceful in the mind, the more naturally one will be drawn towards the Sattvic substances as his own energetic essence will transform into Sattvic as well.

What are you eating today?


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