What is meditation

Meditation is a form of practice that brings calmness to one’s mind by temporarily ceasing thoughts. It has originated in eastern culture and has been an inseparable part of Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism for thousands of years. Most commonly meditation is associated with spiritual practices but any form of activity, which lets us still our mind, even during daily life activities can be also considered as meditation (just not that deep as during specific meditation practices).

There are various types of meditation techniques (passive, active, breathing, chanting etc.). However it doesn’t matter which approach is used as the ultimate goal of all meditation practices is the same – to give us opportunity to still our mind. And once we reach that stillness, that’s when a real treasure unfolds. Once our thought’s process ceases and our mind becomes calm, or once we are able to observe our thoughts but don’t get involved into that process, we become able to bring awareness onto different aspects of ourselves and  learn of our true nature within, consequently understanding the nature of the whole Universe.

There is a theory that meditation was inspired by our mindless sleeping state and the mind’s state during a physical orgasm, as that’s when we naturally achieve the deepest states of calmness.

It has been proven scientifically that during those deepest meditative states, the brain waves shift through various stages (alpha, beta, delta and theta). This shift has an effect on the whole nervous system and even subconsciousness. The changes that occur within the brain and subconscious levels consequently influence changes in our physical body, emotional state, sensual perception and general awareness.

We become more relaxed and peaceful, our concentration and learning abilities improve, our body feels refreshed and rejuvenated and we become more in touch with our true inner nature within. If meditation is practiced regularly, the body doesn’t need so much sleep anymore and we can feel more active for longer hours.

It might be a bit challenging to practice meditation at first, as due to our busy and fast life style nowadays, we are not used to just being with ourselves without outer influences. Therefore there are many meditation techniques to choose from, so that everyone can find the one to relate to and practice efficiently.