What is mantra

Mantra (man – mind, tra – transform) from Sanskrit translates as a sacred sound, syllable, which is repeated for a specific number of times, in order to transform a person’s mind.

Mantras are an inseparable part of Hinduism and Buddhism and have been used for thousands of years. As every sound and letter in the alphabet represents a particular energetic force in the Universe, each mantra has been created in a specific way, so that every syllable individually and combined with another, would manifest a particular frequency/vibration. The power of a mantra lies in that vibration. However, only when our mind’s awareness shifts through the repeating action of chanting mantra, we become able to connect with that vibration.

It is usually thought that mantras are chanted towards some external deity or power, so that it would manifest the desired goal. In reality though, while mantras do represent universal powers (vibrations), they are used to invoke internal feelings within, so that these feelings internally would manifest externally as those universal forces around us. Everything exits in Universe and nothing exits at the same time, only until we create it from within and open the doorway for it to enter and exist.

Mantras can be chanted both silently (internally) and verbally (with the sound). For it to have an effect, mantra should be repeated 9, 54 or 108 times daily for a certain period of time.

There are many different types of mantras, each used for a specific purpose. The description of a few most popular ones is available in proceeding sections.