Tantra and Yoga teacher, founder of Tantric Yoga Institute

Rita has spent most of her life traveling the world in a quest for a spiritual pursuit.

After numerous years studying in Far East with some of the greatest yoga teachers, who follow Sri Vidya,  Yogi Bhajan and Tibetan Buddhism schools teaching traditions, Rita eventually met her Tantra Guru, who has led her to evolve tremendously on her spiritual path into becoming one of the most profound Tantra and Yoga teachers today.

Having the opportunity to experience a breakthrough moment, where all the answers finally came together, Rita believes that everyone too has that possibility to become a Master of his own world through expanding awareness and re-aligning oneself to his own unique life path.

Rita has been into Tantra and Yoga practice for nearly a decade and has held numeruos Tantra training seminars worldwide.

Rita is fully accredited and is holding certifications in “Tantra Teacher, Tantra Practitioner and Tantric Massage Therapist”. “Kundalini Yoga Instructor KRI” and ” Yoga and Meditation Teacher”. She has also additional accreditations in Chinese meridian and Chi energy system in a human’s body, as well as Chi Qong practice.