Meditation teacher and Ayurveda practitioner

Growing up in a small valley, surrounded by breathtaking mountain views, since being a little girl Lakshmi felt a deep connection with nature. Spending hours alone on the hills were her first meditative practices, which led her to become a Meditation teacher and Ayurveda practitioner.

Lakshmi  often combines Ayurveda and Meditation practices together. She passionately believes that all the answers lie in nature and the more in tune we become with it, by using natural healthcare products, following the Ayurvedic  lifestyle, practicing meditation to observe ourselves, the more answers we will get.

Lakshmi has more than 12 years of experience of Ayurveda practice and Meditation teaching.

Lakshmi is fully accredited and is holding certifications as the Ayurveda practitioner, Meditation teacher and has accomplished following trainings in Chinese Meridian system, and Tibetan bowl sound healing