Tantric massage – work with the body or beyond?

There are various massage techniques all around the world, which generally have been created to address physical body issues (Sports massage – to restore sore muscles, Swedish massage – to relax and release stress etc.).

However little are we aware that by actually massaging and stimulating particular points in our body, we actually work with our energetic essence, which can only be seen to the naked eye as a physical dense matter (body).

Eastern cultures have known this for thousands of years and their healing therapies (tuina – traditional Chinese massage, acupuncture, shiatsu – Japanese massage) focus on working with “chi” (the life force energy flowing through us), rather than simply focusing on our physical body as the limit. It is believed that when our “chi” energy gets blocked, that’s when pain and other illnesses develop. Therefore by unblocking it, we are also able to remove or decrease the health issues (pain, disease), as they are only the symptoms, not the actual problem.

Tantric massage lets us go even deeper, as it’s been created to let us explore our “chi” energy (our energetic essence, which can’t be seen but only felt), feel it through and use its full potential. By having an opportunity to bring awareness and re-connect with our “chi”, we rediscover how our body truly feels like within – electric, blissful, powerful and endlessly orgasmic! Now that’s a sensation that nothing in this world can equal to! Tantric massage is a true treasure that everyone should discover and try out at least once in life, as this experience will definitely never fade away. R u ready?


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