The best way to spend an unforgettable weekend and

learn about the fundamentals of Tantra, Yoga and Meditation practice.


Workshop invites to:

Expand awareness about your mind:

  • Get the opportunity to see how your mind relates to your body and everything around you.
  • Experience both conscious and subconscious states; become the observer of your mind.
  • Discover who you are. Get to know how beautiful, vibrating ans electric your being is.

Expand awareness about your body:

  • Discover your body’s energetic essence (chakras, kundalini, life force energy).
  • Learn of your sensual perception; discover new senses and get to know what real pleasure feels like within.
  • Explore your sexuality and sexual energy (kundalini) and learn how to be ENDLESSLY ORGASMIC (blissfull).

Expand awareness about your relationships with others:

  • Let the feeling of loneliness disappear.
  • Experience true meaning, connection and intimacy with others.
  • Discover true love and the only meaning of living.

Experience and see by yourself that those are not just words! Join our 2 days workshop now!



Session content:

  • Meditation and breathing techniques (pranayama).
  • Yoga and body/touch techniques.
  • Tantra and intimacy techniques.

Know before you go:

  • For morning walks and light yoga practice a comfortable pair of shorts/trousers and a t-shirt should be worn
  • For tantra practice a pareo (scart/veil) around a woman’s body and a man’s hips should be worn.
  • Accommodation and meals are not included.



I’ve never felt so much joy and love in all my life! The whole workshop was incredibly well presented, very informative and most importantly efficient! One of the best money investments and most beautiful experiences in my life! Love, Leila

Loved this workshop!! What a great way to spend a weekend!  It has made me to re-evaluate my goals and even think of attending a longer course now. Will definitely sign up for a one week or even a one month course! Thank you! Nelly


Gift yourself with an unforgettable opportunity to experience a true meaning of living! 

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