Do you feel lost, tired and with no direction in life, feeling that whatever you do, always seems turn back against you?

Have you ever questioned what is the reason behind it all…..?
Or to the contrary, you are at your best, having it all but feeling empty within…?

Have you become more aware of what is happening within your body on instinctual, sensual, emotional and intellectual levels?

Do they contradict each other?Are you searching for balance between your body, mind and soul?
Are you ready to transform yourself?
Are you ready to evolve?

Then this is opportunity for you. Take this chance to discover it all by becoming a master of your own world. Come, learn the awareness techniques and experience them with your mind, body and soul, which will guide you into meeting




India, Goa

Feb 1 – March 1, 2019


Course invites to:


  • Practice meditation and breathing techniques. Breathing exercises give us opportunity to observe ourselves and analyze how our mind influences observation process. Only by becoming fully aware of ourselves, by becoming the observer of whom we are, we consequently become able to fully comprehend everything in the world to its deepest core of creation.
  • Practice yoga and touch techniques. All the exercises, which bring awareness onto one’s body, whether they are based on the physical exertion or sensory stimulation, allow us to observe where we are and how our body truly feels like within. Touch techniques allow us to analyze our mind’s relationship with the body on conscious and subconscious levels.
  • Practice tantra and intimacy techniques. Tantra can only be practiced after having discovered who we are through meditation and having fully discovered what our body feels like through yoga. Only then true intimacy and connection can be experienced with others through tantric intimacy techniques.
  • Discover body’s energetic essence (energetic pathways – nadis, energetic centers – chakras), experience kundalini flow thoroughout the whole body, learn about body’s sensory perception and mind’s bodily awareness.
  • Learn ancient spiritual practices and different types of Yogic and Tantric pranayama exercises (yogic breath, tantric breath, kundalini breath, big draw, alternate breathing etc.), tantric massage, including yoni and lingam massage techniques, experience yoga nidra – yogic sleep.
  • Re-discover joy, happiness and love inside of yourself, feel multi – orgasmic, blissful and electric throughout the whole body, refresh your mind and release all the negative trapped emotions within. Restart yourself and your life.


What’s included:

  • Accommodation in a 5 stars hotel
  • 2 delicious meals a day


Know before you go:

For yoga practice comfortable pants and a t-shirt should be worn.

For tantra practice Pareo  (veil/scarf) around a woman’s body and a man’s hips will be worn.( It is advisable to have 1 extra)

This course is all about practice and physical experience.

For any further information please contact us.