Astrological birth chart

Although somewhat controversial, astrology has existed since ancient times and has been an inseparable part of Babylonian, Egyptian and Indian cultures. Most of the Emperors, Kings and other great leaders have had their own personal astrologers and up to this day every Indian child upon his birth has his birth chart analyzed by a Vedic astrologer.

So what is so special about an astrological chart?

Astrological birth chart is your own individual blue print of your energetic substance. It’s been mapped out by the stars (universal energies) as a reflection of your inner self upon your birth, which can be read and analyzed to give you a better understanding of whom you truly are.

Therefore a birth chart should not be used to predict the future as the main goal but rather learn mentally about oneself and the world.

A birth chart shows a person his own strengths and weaknesses, his inner gifts, true potential and personality traits, areas that one may succeed or will have to work on, gives a deeper understanding on difficult aspects in one’s life and possibilities to evolve above them, analyzes lessons one has to learn, unveils life’s path, direction, purpose and so much more.

We learn in life through our senses, body and mind. By analyzing astrological chart, we try to perceive a bigger picture of ourselves through our mind, thus expanding it and transforming it. It’s a first step into breaking through the mind’s boundaries. And to fully discover ourselves, we must include all of them, as to experience and feel deeper we use our body and senses, while to be able to grasp that experience and understand it, we need our mind.

A birth chart is an objective tool to always come back to for some guidance, when one is in doubt and needs reassurance on which direction to take or feels lost and knows that any given outer advice is always a subjective opinion, based on the other person’s individual opinion and experiences.

Good luck in finding the right astrologer for u and taking a first step into self discovery!


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